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Discover Fresh Habeshanly Items...

  Facebook is a great space where you can post your photos and YouTube is a great space to watch cat videos and of course great trainings.

Now advertising your products through this platforms is getting somehow costy, most importantly getting harder to get results.

    Madeopia is a space where you won’t see cat videos and cute cartoons instead it’s your space where you will see amazingly made products and services. The best space where you can target and engage your ideal customers.

Investment Corner Equity Selling...

The biggest problem with Ethiopian new generations is not lack of knowledge neither awesome ideas to come up with but only a money to startup or even to bring the business to the next level.

  Madeopia will give you an exclusive corner for business holders like you get a decent investment opportunities Bec there are multimillionaires out there that exist but couldn’t find their right fits to invest in.

So Madeopia makes sure that you get a decent amount of investment in your equity offers.

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