The best made in Ethiopia socks?

The best made in Ethiopia socks?

Sheba Socks

 It’s not comforting to see someone out there making a pair of socks labeled as “Sheba socks” – made in Ethiopia and rocks the market, while you are watching the game of thrones.

Now a true story about writing this post Is that I was angry at the brand’s name.

Honestly, it sucks !!

Because of a brand name matters or at least its one of the most essential parts of the modern-day marketing game.
“Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. But Nike by another name would be seen on fewer feet”
–       Shakespeare (Shakespeare and Nike Hah?)

So I didn’t like the name at 1st sight. The product is a habeshanly sock and hey It looks awesome.

The thing is am not sheba.
Complaining over and over again in my head!

The funny part – sheba socks

 “Why would they name such a cool product ‘sheba’ ?? People would love to get this item but why would they get something labeled as “sheba”
Even in most cases, old people don’t like to state themselves as “sheba”  
Then after days of doing other projects, I returned to reviewing items. And I was at “shebasocks” so I had to finish it.
As I went back to check out their Instagram page here for more research I found out a picture that literally changed my perspective of the brand name.
The caption says #queen_of_sheba.

Made in Ethiopia – Sheba Socks

And I was like… Ohhh so they mean thaatt !! Therefor the logo for a crown states that they are referring to the Queen of Sheba.
I was like
Now it’s comforting to hear. Also to wear!! duhh !

By the way, follow their Instagram page because they have a giveaway program more often.

We will work with Sheba socks to give you free giveaways (For few of you guys who shared this post)

Comment down below about your opinion on this…


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