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You have an amazing business idea right? you have been reading about entrepreneurship or heard success stories and videos as well. 

Now you have finally found an idea that can solve problems, add value to 

your country and yes make a huge profit right? 

The problem is you need money to start up or to change your prototype 

into a real business. 

This is where madeopia kicks in and makes sure that you get a decent 

amount of investment. 

Note: We only accept projects that can be stated as

 ” Modern Ethiopian inventions or brands that serve Ethiopia, for minimum requirement” 

Fill in the form and let us take care of the rest for you. 

Now you can easily connect with Ethiopian entrepreneurs who can get your investment multiplied

both in currency and services to your country.

We have a list of brand equities ready for you to get your shares.
Investments from 2000ETB are allowed in our platform and its because to help the entrepreneur succeed in a short time.

If you are an investor looking for results instead of experiences this platform is considerably for you.

We will never over-promise you that you will make other millions overnight but can assure you that you will be part of “The builder of modern Ethiopia”

That no Follows trends, instead of creating one!

We will email you a catalog of fresh startups with equity sales up to 50% share, and 2 million on demand.

You can compare the price down below.

Plenty of options for entrepreneur

We connect your brand with multiple investors out there so that  you get your desired equity sale. 

Good deal for

Your don’t have to be a multi millionaire to start investing in. We give you up to 10 brands to choose from. 

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