How to build a website in Ethiopia?

How to build a website in Ethiopia?

Okay, not everyone has understood the advantages of website but you have!! Do you have an item to sell online? Or videos to upload using a website? Artist portfolio or the space to your business digital appearance?

Well, you know better than you need more than a facebook or an Instagram account.

Why do I need a website in Ethiopia? 

 Having a website will bring your business into a whole another level in many ways.

·      Increase your number of customers 

·      Helps to review and do analytics for your business 

·    And hey to make extra money out of it and many more …

Who is the best website host provider in Ethiopia??

 We have researched on the net and have found a list of website host providers and we highly recommend you to go with Hahu cloud. 

Why Hahu cloud?

  • Their servers are based in the UK and have options for you to pay with Ethiopian banks, so no need to worry about Dollars or stuff like that. 
  • They have hosted several huge websites including our website 

 Note: If you need a website but don’t know how to build a website, We got you covered or if you want to learn how to make a website in Ethiopia without coding click here.

The best website host provider in Ethiopia?

 And if you are an expert with web building then HAHU is our recommendation. 

What about pricing?

   They have 3 yearly payment options as listed below… 

Hahu cloud host provider pricing table

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