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Investor's deal

Madeopia Silver

Minimum Option
ብር 2,399 Half catalog
  • 0% Commission Cut From Us
  • Half Madeopia Entrepreneur's list
  • Notified With New Deals For 2 Weeks

Madeopia Golden

Maximum Options
ብር 3,000 Full catalog
  • Unlimited Investment deals
  • All Madeopia Entrepreneurs List
  • 0% Commission Cut From Madeopia
  • Notified With New Entrepreneur's Deal For 1 month

Beginner Investors

Minimum Option
ብር 1,500 Quarter catalog
  • 0% Commission Cut
  • Limited to investment demand 150,000ብር
  • Quarter of Madeopia Entrepreneur list

Madeopia Silver

When you decide on investing on a particular brand 1 or multiple madeopia will not ask you a commission cut.

From our series list of entrepreneur's deal you will get half of the catalog to choose from.

When ever a new equity deal popups in madeopia catalog you will be notified for 2 weeks.

Madeopia Golden

Your investment deal will not be limited unlike the the " BEGINNERS INVESTORS" deal.

You will get the full of madeopia's entrepreneurs catalog and this will give you the maximum option to choose.

Madeopia will not ask you a commission when you invest in 1 or multiple deals.

Agian you will be notified with new deals available in our platform for 1 month without expiration.

Beginner Investors

After you decide on investing to the companies madeopia will have a 0% commission.

This is ideally made for investors who are just starting out to invest in businesses and unlike other offers we provide you will be limited to see equity sales and demand less than 150,000ብር.

With this offer you will receive quarter catalog of madeopia entrepreneurs list.