Boost your creativity by changing your Environment

Boost your creativity by changing your Environment

The moment you are in a rubbish and messy place chances are high your creativity process decreases or becomes affected with your surroundings.

Honestly it’s not a rocket science to understand that you will get frustrated if what you see and hear are too noisy.

Take it this way

You don’t choose loud and busy place to go on a date instead you will need a soothing and less crowded place.

 And fanos is about creating a habeshanly soothing environment.

Personally I need this in my bedroom and at my workspace. It’s in one of the top 10 lists I would give as a gift.

Who is behind this lighting company?

2 young women are running this company and madeopia highly appreciates #fanoos’s team efforts because the creative industry these days is all about collaboration and team spirits.

Madeopia thinks that their pricing is fair, buy their product or follow them on Instagram Here

Do you want this for yourself or as a gift?

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