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Am Haileab Yagersew founder and CEO of Madeopia, 21 year old entrepreneur and website expert.Outside of work I love connecting with people especially with those in the creative industry.


” Compete to go faster, Collaborate to create better” Is always have been my motive.I have started building websites for selected clients that I believe can scale or add value to their business.


And the sweetest part about building websites is my clients are always welcome on the creative process which makes things a lot more fun and innovative,


Helping my clients on the tech-ish process and allowing them to be creative in the designing process has become my recent passion.


Being able to Listen to a company owner, founder or CEO describe the product or service through words and transforming those words into a fully working website is just a rewarding skill.


What’s funny is that building a website for organizations or gov,t is not my thing, or at least I cant be passionate about and that is because it requires less creativity.


Working with such clients puts me in the position as if am like taking orders for money, Or as if am hired instead of working together.


In the other hand working with people in the creative industry is always worth my time, even tho organizations pay a lot better, I can squeeze the fun out of it and enjoy working with creative people.


Because I always learn something new working with people, Including Photographers Designers Entrepreneurs and just anyone working on the creative industry.

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