But Why? – Top 8 babe stores & countries to buy baby clothes?

The best made in Africa, Ethiopia baby brand

But Why? – Top 8 babe stores & countries to buy baby clothes?

Buy the best clothes for your baby without breaking the bank in Africa.

For this topic, we mainly focus on quality and as well as a digital appearance on how to find out the best baby store and countries to buy baby clothes if you are in Africa with the fairest price available.

Top countries to buy baby clothes in Africa without breaking the bank?

  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Ethiopia
  3. South Africa
  4. Kenya
  5. Botswana
  6. Namibia
  7. Zambia

1 Zimbabwe

Madeopia has made some research on this topic and turns out surprisingly Zimbabwe is worlds #3 country and Africa’s #1 country that sells baby clothes.

If you own a baby clothing brand then this is worlds 3rd country that invest so much on baby clothes, so you should make your way to Zimbabwe to break in the market.

There are tons of baby stores in Zimbabwe both online and offline.
Sounds like Zimbabweis’s parents give a huge priority to this.

For now, we will see 2 huge stores with over 50000 visitors per month which is classifieds.co.zw and another baby clothing store which is mykaylababywear.com
Cafepress.com works in Zimbabwe too

They sell a baby bodysuit for about 22$ which is okayish.

2 Ethiopia

Now according to our Google research Ethiopia is Africa’s 8th country to sell baby clothes.

You might be thinking how it got into this list ranking #2.
Now as mentioned above this post highly focuses on quality and as well as pricing.

We will be reviewing Lelegebabywear.com made in Ethiopia.

The reason this company ranked in our top 8 list as 2nd place is their jaw-dropping prices.

We looked for almost every baby store in Africa and they sell baby bodysuits starting from 18$ up to way 59$.

Even though lots of the baby stores in Africa come with pretty basic similar quality and designs, Lelejebabywear.com offers you a baby suit for just 4$.
If you are in Ethiopia you should check out lelejebabywear.com

3 South Africa

If you are in South Africa this is where you should buy your baby’s some stuff Woolworths.co.za, their user-friendly website is great to explore things out and order your choices as well.

According to our research, South Africa is Africa’s 2nd country that uses baby clothes keywords the most, the famous ackermans.co.za is our pick in South Africa if you wanna buy baby clothes.
Cafepress.com targets this country too.

4 Kenya

Madeopia has been digging and finding information about which country is the most baby cloth selling country and Kenya lands 7th country that sells baby clothes.

But for the quality and for the pricing they provide Kenya’s ellasbabystore.com ranked 4th place in our top 8 list.

A very user-friendly experience buying through their website, Kenya’s parents we highly recommend ellasbabystore.com for the undeniable pricings they offer.

5 Botswana

Now ranking number 5 we have Botswana’s redbubble.com with a Lil bit pricy but awesome baby items and pepstores.com a huge baby clothing store in Botswana.

Madeopia have found Botswana is Africa’s 3rd country that sells baby clothes,
In pepstores.com you can find anything for your babies starting from your newly born babies way up to 14 years old.

Their huge store has it all. it’s our recommendation if you are in Botswana to get your kids baby items we should say.

6 Uganda

Madeopia has found that Uganda is Africas 5th country that sells baby clothes but when it comes down balancing price with quality Uganda lands 6th place in our list.

The biggest baby store in Uganda thebabybayug.com is our number #1 store if you are in Uganda. We highly recommend you to check out their quality items among other baby stores in Uganda.

It’s not just a babywear store they sell all baby-related items, Name it and they have it all.

7 Namibia

Last but not least
We got you the spreadshirt.com in Namibia according to our research Namibia is Africa’s 6th country to sell baby wears.

As the name suggests spreadshirt.com is Namibia’s baby shirt store.
Their user-friendly website will bring your buying experience to another level.

If you are a Namibian parent you should defiantly check out spreadshirt.com

8 Zambia

Africa’s 4th country that sells baby clothes according to our research.
We recommend you babyzambia.com there website might look a little bit outdated and they are technically better at selling baby-related items.

Although its Africa’s 4th place to sell baby clothes we found it hard to put babyzambia.com in top numbers, as we review 5 baby clothes were only available out of 11 clothes.

As we suggest take things offline because the webs we found here aren’t too appealing.

But hey you shouldn’t be panicking as the most Africa’s leading baby store cafepress.com is available as well as spreadshirt.com

Let us know your opinions, and we would love to hear your suggestions as well.

What baby stores do you use? and

From where are you reading this?

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